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IT Support

For over twenty-five years we’ve provided our clients with a comprehensive range of IT support services. Our philosophy here is to be proactive rather than reactive and we take an ongoing interest in your IT equipment needs.

Initially we offer you a systems consultancy to assess your current equipment, software and support needs. Once we have this information we can make recommendations on immediate steps to take and on any replacement equipment which you may need or benefit from.

We supply IT equipment from major manufacturers at competitive prices. Our own support costs are charged at a set hourly rate or with one of our comprehensive service agreements at a set monthly contract rate for 12, 24 or 36 month agreements. These are based on the number of networks, servers and PCs/laptops you have and the number of staff covered.

Our service agreements can be hardware and equipment only or can have a cost-effective software support element for common applications. Our support services are flexible and can be tailored to your own needs, we can also ‘fit in’ with your internal IT teams to take on particular items of support, for instance, your on-site servers.

Let us know if you have any IT support problems or are looking to formalise your arrangements with one provider – we’d be delighted to help